Nuffield Scholarships

We often hear Riverland winegrowers expressing confidence in their chosen profession despite all the challenges to profitability and being sustainable.

We also hear of those within our farming community who have been awarded a Nuffield Scholarship that have offered the opportunity to become part of a global network of Nuffield scholars from many other countries. Interestingly, they are also grappling with similar problems, trying to be profitable while balancing the needs of family, community and environment; no easy task. Nuffield Scholars are often numbered among the more successful producers

If you want to be a better grower or if you are encouraging a younger member of family to really have a red hot go at beating the odds, you will be interested to explore the possibility of being awarded a $30K scholarship and the benefits that will almost inevitably flow back to the farm.

To be informed go to the Nuffield Australia website and read about the 2015 program. Applications are now open.

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