Number 333

This week’s column is something of a milestone.  It’s the 333rd edition of the column featured every week in the Murray Pioneer, Loxton News and River News. At an average of 850 words per week that’s a lot of words. Words are just that though. If the messages are not relevant or if readers are flicking the electronic copy to the ‘delete file’ without reading the content then it’s important to pass that message back to Riverland Wine. If you are a member of Riverland Wine but don’t receive the email version (the e-flyer) in your inbox every Friday morning then you will not be getting full value from the various links and attachments; neither will you be able to flick back opinions and messages as you read. Most often, that means you will probably just ‘stew on it’ and not say it.


The ‘reader statistics’ gathered from the e-flyer versions are incredibly strong compared to other similar e-newsletters.  Many do take the time to open and read most of the news items and the links. They are better informed about what’s going on and certainly more able to engage and have their voice heard. Most often we receive bouquets but there are also brick-bats from time to time. Both forms of communication are helpful and both are necessary to keep Riverland Wine on-track and able to advocate most effectively around policy issues and plans. Readers’ feedback enables the grower and winemaker representatives to be more responsive, more effective more vibrant and more tuned-in to the threats and opportunities before us all.

If you want to receive the e-flyer, contact Kate at Riverland Wine 8584 5816 or email.

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