Nutrition Workshops

The Riverland Viticulture Technical Group (RVTG) works with Riverland Wine and Wine Australia to deliver a range of extension programs for the region’s growers and winemakers every year. It can be a challenge at times to determine the topics most members want to learn about. The RVTG recently floated the idea of a nutrition workshop to coincide with the new growing season. The early response has indicated that growers are keen to brush-up their knowledge and skills on a range of topics around nutrition; to listen to what the latest suggestions are about managing vine health, soil health and achieving best vineyard outcomes.

Business Manager, Andrew Weeks has used his contacts and arranged a workshop at short notice: Managing Grapevine Nutrition in a Changing Environment. The workshop is scheduled for Monday, October 26. It is part of the Research to Practice program, and includes information about the following topics:

  • Climate influences on viticulture
  • Principles of nutrition: Organic matter, Nutrients and vine growth and The role of water
  • Key grapevine Nutrients: Their core functions and the impacts of macro and trace elements in vine growth;
  • Managing nutrition tools and techniques

Members who attend will be presented with valuable information about developing and managing a nutrition program. They will also receive a high quality 140-page reference book. If you’re interested in attending this workshop, make it a priority.

Email or phone Andrew, 0439 823 310 or Kate, 8584 5816. 

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