On the edge of your seat with virtual reality experience

Harnessing todays remarkable interactive technology, Riverland Wine is thrilled to be the first Australian wine region to launch ‘Riverland on the Verge’ – a captivating virtual reality wine tourism experience.

This ground breaking project is a South Australian centric collaboration brought to life thanks to the Australian Government’s $50 million Export and Regional Wine Support Package, and key stakeholders including Wine Australia, Riverland Wine, University of Adelaide, Martins Brand House and 57 Films.

 “Riverland on the Verge (RoV) is an exciting step towards the future of wine tourism, and is designed provide an unforgettable journey to the Riverland. With the ultimate aim of stimulating physical visitation, both international and national, each user directly experiences the wine, food, ecology, tourism opportunities and more within our diverse and unique Australian wine region.”

Mr Chris Byrne, Chair of the Riverland Wine Industry Development Council and Riverland Wine

Download it from the App Store and try it yourself

Immerse yourself in the Riverland region – its wine, food, produce and stunning environmental experiences, from anywhere. It’s accessible to everybody on both iOS and android and available in both English and Mandarin!

The virtual reality experience allows you to feel like you are on the river, eating the food and sipping the wine. You can drive your own journey depending on preference and interests.

Follow the steps below and before you know it, you’ll be clocking on to river time…

  1. Go here and enter your details to receive a pair of your own virtual reality googles.
  2. Go to your App Store (Google Play of Apple App Store) on any device and download the App – ‘Riverland on the Verge’
  3. Assemble your goggles when they arrive
  4. Open the App and place your phone in the goggles
  5. Enjoy the Riverland on the Verge experience
  6. Share it with your friends, family, colleagues

Also available as a part of the Australian Wine Journey at the National Wine Centre, the virtual reality experience is a visually stunning physical space, designed to encourage and invite people in, allowing users to undertake the experience through state of the art Occulus virtual reality goggles. A similar space will also available at the Pike River Wine Centre in the Riverland, and a third flexible space has been developed to travel to wine events.

Read Wine Australia’s Media Release on Riverland on the Verge

Riverland on the Verge VR Goggles
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