Opportunities at Riverland Wine for Women

In several months’ time Riverland Wine will be declaring four vacant positions on the Management Committees and calling for nominations. This is in line with the rules that half the committee positions are declared vacant each year. In the fourteen years since incorporation only three women have been appointed to these leadership roles, including the current co-chair, Sheridan Alm. There is no doubt all the women involved in grape and wine have their work cut out just keeping up with the demands of a vineyard business and family responsibilities.

It’s also well-known that many vineyard and winery businesses rely on the wisdom, commitment, skills and knowledge of the women who are partners and directors in the enterprises that make up the industry. Sometimes these women, who make plenty of the decisions in their own businesses are reticent to nominate because they feel they don’t have the experience or they simply lack the courage or encouragement. Let’s see if we can change that at Riverland Wine, not just because of some ‘gender-balance’ desire but because we need the best possible people to help drive Riverland Wine through the rebuilding and regrowing phases we are entering.

Please give it some thought. Ring Sheridan to discuss the opportunities and (modest) demands on your time: 0419 034 087.

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