Phylloxera Board – Online Grape Industry Kiosk

Growers may not be aware that there is an online mapping record of all vineyard patches throughout the State. This database is managed by the Phylloxera and Grape Industry Board of SA (PGIBSA). Its primary purpose is to maintain a register of all South Australian vineyards and to facilitate the management of biosecurity processes in the event of an outbreak of disease or pests.


This data is secure and confidential. There are however, other potential benefits arising from this technology. One of the perennial challenges this industry faces is knowing accurately the total area of vineyards in the State and very importantly the total by variety in each region. This has implications for supply and demand and decisions being made by winegrowers and winemakers.

There is an old saying: “if you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it”. PGIBSA is to be congratulated for the recent enhancements made to this technology, particularly the development of the online kiosk. All growers can access images and information about their own enterprise with a few key strokes.

Take the time to explore the website for information. Follow the prompts, create a password and check out your vineyard if need be you can even update the information to reflect any removals, top workings, replacements or additional plantings.

Additional information and instruction is also available on the PGIBSA website or by contacting PGIBSA on 8362 0499.


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