Phylloxera lurking

Recent detections of phylloxera in Victoria’s Maroondah PIZ (Phylloxera Infested Zone) have caused the boundary to be extended to the north.  This serves as a timely reminder to Riverland wine producers to remain vigilant with farm-gate hygiene practices minimise the risk of introducing and/or spreading pests and diseases.


Inca Pearce, Vinehealth Australia (VHA) chief executive said “Phylloxera doesn’t respect vineyard boundaries or state borders. We must continue working closely together across the nation to ensure we stop the spread of phylloxera”.

Ms Pearce said the new infestations are a reminder for growers and vineyard managers to report any suspect vine decline early. Grape phylloxera is a small insect that lives on the roots of grapevines. Once established, death of own-rooted vines is inevitable.

Vineyard owners, wineries, contractors and carriers should understand the regulations and documentation required for the movement of grapes and grape materials, machinery and equipment, diagnostic samples, soil, cuttings, rootlings and potted vines, within and between states.

VHA reiterates it is imperative for vineyard owners and managers to check any links they might have with businesses operating in the extension area and also welcomes calls about the Maroondah PIZ on 8273 0550.

Riverland growers have regularly been prompted with VHA harvest hints over recent months.  Inca Pearce the group has now produced a range of Biosecurity posters.  These are available for printing and targeted at winegrowers and wine producers listing 10 biosecurity best practice farm-gate hygiene practices. The posters are available to download on the website.

Further information is available on the Vinehealth Australia website.


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