Phylloxera outbreak

There will be a phylloxera outbreak in the Riverland on Wednesday June 4, or so it would seem. Phylloxera Board CEO, Alan Nankivell will notify the industry that an outbreak has been detected in a Monash vineyard owned and operated by well-known Riverland entrepreneur and identity. Nankivell, aided by Biosecurity SA’s senior management has issued an invitation to all Riverland growers and winemakers to be at Renmark’s McCormick Centre to hear all about it.

Fortunately it will be a simulation exercise. Its purpose is to drive home the importance to all of us of remaining vigilant to ensure our region, and indeed the whole of South Australia, maintains its advantage as a phylloxera free zone.

Other colourful Riverland identities including Mick Himsworth, Nick Bakkum, Andrew Weeks, Melanie Kargas, Andrew Kassebaum, Shelley Ray-Brennan, Chris Grigoriou and Jim Caddy will all (role) play their parts as industry members representing the interests of growers, winemakers and bureaucrats inside and outside of the declared quarantine zone. Paul Burnett of Accolade Wines may even have a cameo role! It promises to be the educational and entertainment highlight of the year.

Following the simulation exercise, and a generous Dilly Bag Tucker lunch, Wine Grape Growers Australia and Plant Health Australia will present the bigger picture of biosecurity management at a national level for winegrapes in Australia – including protection against exotic pests and diseases of potentially even more damaging impact than phylloxera.

Everyone will receive a copy of the new biosecurity manual, which gives practical guidelines on how to protect your vineyard from these potentially damaging pests. Helping you look out for these pests, there are also detailed descriptions of the biggest threats to grape production. You will also find out:

  • What to do if you spot something unusual
  • What happens in the event of an outbreak
  • How the response to an exotic pest outbreak can affect you
  • How your interests are protected during the response and what costs can be reimbursed
  • How other plant industries have dealt with exotic outbreaks, including what it cost

And you will have the opportunity to raise and discuss issues and questions about biosecurity with our presenters, Stephen Dibley from Plant Health Australia and Sandy Hathaway from WGGA. People interested in attending the Biosecurity day presented by PGIBSA and WGGA, and previously promoted, on June 4, in Renmark at the McCormick Centre, are urged to RSVP to Kate by phone (8584 5816) or email ( as soon as possible.

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