Phylloxera risk workshop

Biosecurity is a shared responsibility. The Riverland is fortunate to be free of Fruit Fly and Phylloxera. Maintaining this status is crucial if we are to maintain and grow markets and profitability.

The Phylloxera and Grape Industry Board of South Australia is responsible for administration of the Act. The first function of the Board, as provided in the Act, is to assess risk.

Over the course of the last 12 months the Board has established a Risk Register and has put in place a formal incident reporting process. On Monday October 28, a Risk Workshop will be convened at Banrock Station at 3pm to raise awareness of the reporting requirements that will affect all growers and winemakers across the region.
Topics for discussion on the date will include:

• What is a risk?

• Background to ISO 31000;

• How do we assess risk and determine residual risk?

• Managing risks in your vineyard;

• Using the risk assessment tool on the PGIBSA website; and

• Workshopping with the group on assessing risks.

This topic may be one of those that you would prefer to be someone else’s problem. However it is very important that you share responsibility and make the effort to attend the workshop. Click here to reply to Kate or phone 8584 5816.

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