Planning Future Competitiveness

The Riverland Viticultural Technical Group (RVTG) has met this week to plan a number of projects or workshops for the 2015/2016 financial year. Several of last year’s projects will be continued including trials of new clones & root stocks and finding the vineyard solution for the growing Gazania problem.

The RVTG however, is keen for growers and winemakers to have some input around the topics and content of Extension programs that will provide Riverland growers with a competitive edge.


The group also considered the most appropriate setting or format for these Extension tutorials and workshops. There was a shared view that shed meetings, with some key theory and information presentations followed by the opportunity for some open forum and informal discussion around a barbecue with a few Riverland wines might be a format worth trying. The RVTG is keen to reach more of the grower population with these “Grassroots” programs. An extra meeting of the RVTG has been scheduled for December to finalise, prioritise and prepare the funding application. Topics on the list for consideration so far include:

  1. Trellising and canopy management for optimum yields
  2. Calibration for optimum results and chemical cost management
  3. Succession Planning
  4. Robots, Drones and precision viticulture
  5. Building a “heavy user” base of KY# exponents
  6. Introducing more growers to webinars and pod broadcasts
  7. Crop forecasting technology and techniques
  8. Objective measures to encourage best practice in vineyards (and bury decades-old objections to the concept)
  9. The importance of rootstock selection for soils, climate, phylloxera, nematodes and superior wine flavours

If there are topics that you would like to add to this list please ring 8584 5816 or email


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