Now is the time to…

Now is the time to consider your pruning requirements for the year. Determine how best to prune your patches to suit your finished wine requirements. A well set up mechanical prune should mean the requirements of a hand clean up may be reduced to achieve the desired level of pruning to suit your needs. If you are undertaking your own mechanical pruning, ensure you thoroughly check your equipment prior to kicking off, make sure your blades are sharp and bearings/bushes/moving parts are lubricated.

Trellis maintenance, following harvest, is also a good idea to ensure your trellis will withstand the rigours of another vintage. Perform a trellis inspection in all blocks and record any repairs that are required to be completed during winter.

Start to look at input supplies for the coming year and decide whether to order or purchase any supplies prior to the end of June.

Consider any courses that you may need to complete or update, eg Chemcert etc. Winter is a great time to catch up on management skills to ensure your knowledge and credentials are up to date.

One last thing to do right now. Grab a mate, some bait and your fishing gear and head of to target a fish. The callop are running and quite a few people have been catching a good feed lately. Tight Lines!

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