Quad bike research

Quad bikes play an important role in agriculture but the number of injuries and fatalities connected with their use has increased over recent years.

Participants are being sought by the Centre for Automotive Safety Research (CSAR) of the University of Adelaide to take part in a study which will explore the use of quad bikes in South Australia and the circumstances surrounding incidents resulting from their use.

The study will endeavour to understand the causes of quad bike incidents, with the intent of fostering ways to reduce the number of occurrences in South Australia and to minimise the severity of injuries.

Interviews with quad bike users will form an important part of this study. The information collated from the face-to-face interviews will gather information about their experiences with quad bikes; what activities they are used for and what’s involved; whether other equipment are attached to the bikes; and what safety precautions are utilised. People interested in being involved in this study or who would like further information can contact CSAR by phone on 1800 043 678 or via email.



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