RaMPP taking shape

RaMPP taking shape There’s no going back now. Construction is proceeding at a rate of knots. Walls are up, the roof is on and the Research Centre as we knew it is re-emerging as the launch-pad to showcase this region’s reputation for leadership in agriculture, horticulture, and as a key provider of premium food and wine from our clean environment. The new building and the refurbishment work of the original Research Centre will be completed in December.


Executive Director of rural solutions SA, Daniel Casement said ‘The redevelopment will showcase Loxton as a key regional location for national and international research and events, attracting delegates and their investment into the region’. Kevin Pfeiffer OAM, Chair of the Horticultural Reference Forum throughout the period of the drought said, ‘This will be a centre of pride and a symbol of achievement for our entire Riverland community.

The drought years were tough years. They tested every primary producer in horticulture and agriculture but they also brought those groups together to confront the challenges of the one in 100 years’ drought’. He added, ‘Primary producers, realised that so many of the problems they faced were not unique to one commodity group or another and it’s the same today; whether it’s water policy, biosecurity, market access, training and developing our future farmers, gaining access to new technology, like the NBN, or winning a bigger slice of government grants, we can achieve more together.

We need to get out of our silos and work together. The new facilities are a great example of just what we can achieve as a community working with government. The Riverland and Mallee Primary Producers Business Centre (RaMPP) will give us that opportunity. As primary producers, we must embrace it and make it work for the region’s future.

The RaMPP will take pride of place alongside those businesses awarded the Riverland Trust Mark this week. The focus will be on working together as a regional community with much to be proud of!

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