The Acronym stands for Riverland and Mallee Primary Producers – Business Centre.

It began as a concept some six or seven years ago, largely as a result of the drought and the locust threat of 2010. Those two events shook-up the region and caused irrigators and broadacre producers to ‘collaborate’ well before that word became popular.

Most producers’ groups, associations and organisations across the region have expressed strong support for the concept. Politicians and bureaucrats agree. There is widespread acknowledgement that many of the challenges and opportunities we face, as primary producers, are common to all of us. It makes sense that we can advocate more quickly and effectively if we gather our numbers and our thoughts and go forward to government, at all levels, with one voice. Issues like water security, biosecurity, energy costs, research and development, training facilities, access to market places etc. are all obvious. But there are other opportunities such as applying for some of the grant-funding offered by governments and collaborative farming trials, such as irrigation optimisation or more precise regional  weather-forecasting or robotics in farming that the region’s producers will be able to embrace more effectively, together.

Several groups have expressed support but have not had the resources or the means to contribute to the formalisation process.  Others, particularly Riverland Wine the Almond Board, Grain Growers and SARMI are very much in favour of making it happen albeit that none have yet fully understood and agreed how to achieve it.

Those of you who travel through Loxton will have noticed the rapid progress with the new building and refurbishment of the original Research Centre as well as landscaping over the past month. The State Government is doing its bit to deliver a world-class facility with a portion of the SARMS funding.

The RaMPP concept is recognised in the SARMS National Partnership Agreement (NPA):

NPA Part A, Schedule B, clause B4: The redevelopment of the Loxton Research Centre sub-element will enable the facility to operate as the Riverland and Mallee Primary Producers’ Business and Research Centre and support regional development.”

A meeting of the ‘most likely’ members of RaMPP will take place on Thursday, June 9, to review progress and prepare for the next round of talks with PIRSA.

Interested irrigators and farmers are welcome to attend the meeting.

If you want to support the concept contact Kate at Riverland Wine 8584 5816 or email.


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