Reaction to Tuesday’s extra roundup

Most of the response was positive. Only one negative in fact; one of the major wineries called to notify the Association that they will not be advising their indicative prices to the Association. That’s fair. The Association doesn’t have a contract with any wineries, doesn’t have any grapes to sell. It could be argued; doesn’t need to know who’s paying what for grapes.


Never mind the positive things the Association strives to achieve for the common good; the striving for excellence in all things; the constant focus on continuous improvement and collaboration.

Never mind about leadership and engagement.

Never mind about Research, Development and Extension work and the fact that the Riverland and other inland regions build the critical mass that enables places like the Wine Industry Cluster (WIC) at Urrbrae to do what they do and be regarded as the world’s leading grape and wine research institute.

Never mind about this region’s competitiveness as an international wine region; the vineyard to the world perhaps?

Never mind about growing Australia’s share of the global wine market at all levels and price points.

Never mind about profitability and certainly don’t come to grips with sustainability.

No, those are the things that the regional association can take care of. And it will; Riverland Wine is proud of it contribution to the entire wine industry over the past decade of challenges.

Just one nagging regret… the delivery of benefit to community, to environment and to regional, state and national economies could have been vastly greater if the vision of transition for the region had been more willingly embraced by some of the most significant contributors.

Be bold, be ambitious, be generous


Image Copyright: icetray

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