Reforming the NRM

South Australia’s new Minister for Environment and Water David Spiers, MP has written to Riverland Wine this week to report on progress with one of the most important policies of the new government: reform of natural resource management. The Minister says that, ‘over time, natural resource management has become too centralised, overly complex and is failing to deliver for levy payers’.

The minister is inviting Riverland wine members to engage with him; illustrate initiative and provide frank advice in helping to shape this important reform. A key component of the his agenda is a new piece of legislation – the Landscape South Australia Act which will replace the Natural Resources Management Act 2004

A discussion paper has been developed to encourage conversation with stakeholders and the broader community about these reforms. From now until October 15 members can become involved by visiting Your Say. If members embrace this opportunity they can influence the reform program and assist in creating a simple, accessible system that will reduce red tape, decentralise decision-making and empower our community and land managers to take responsibility for managing natural resources at the regional level. The Minister’s key points of interest are well aligned with those of the wine grape growing community: soil quality, water management, pest and plant control programs and landscape-scale restoration projects.


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