Regional tourism expert checks us out

Regional tourism expert, Simon McArthur, visited various tourist businesses and cellar doors recently as part of our Riverland on the Verge international wine tourism project. The purpose of the visit was to identify strengths and gaps in the current Riverland tourist offering to focus our attention on what we need to do to meet the expectations of international wine tourists visiting the region.

The Riverland on the Verge project will create a virtual reality experience that can be taken to international wine and tourism events to give people a taste of what the Riverland has to offer, in the hope of enticing them to visit in real life. We want to make sure they are delighted when they get here and encourage others to follow them. We need high-end places to stay and eat throughout the region and helipads for those wanting to make day trips from Adelaide. Already we know there is plenty of work to do before we’ll be ready.

These days it’s all about the social media. Things like WeChat, Snapchat, Instagram, TripAdvisor and Facebook will tell the story of how these tourists experience the Riverland. Word will spread like wildfire and we need the reviews to be good.

Working with 57 Films, the University of Adelaide, PIRSA, Destination Riverland and the SA Tourism Commission we will be finding out what sorts of images and sounds will lure international wine tourists to the Riverland and form a connection to our wine. This information will be used to create the virtual reality experience. And following the advice of our Great Wine Capitals international tourism experts during their recent visit to the region, we’ll need local wine, food and tourism businesses to get on board and work together with us to make sure we can actually deliver what these tourists want.  

Riverland Wine will be presenting more information about Riverland on the Verge to Destination Riverland industry partners at the Riverland Tourism Exchange, on Thursday, August 2, 2018, 10am at the Berri Hotel.

For more information about this event and how you can be involved, contact Caroline Phillips at Destination Riverland on 0418 841 552.

If you are not able to attend this event and would like more information about the project, please contact Kate at Riverland Wine on 8584 5816.

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