Research and development priorities

Last week’s two spray technology workshops, reported above, were a great example of Riverland growers working closely with the Grape and Wine Research and Development Corporation (GWRDC) as part of this region’s determination to farm smarter not harder.

The corporation provides funding for the Regional ‘Grassroots’ Programme. Adrian Loschiavo is the Regional Programme Manager for the Riverland. When talking with growers last week at the Kingston field day, Adrian said “Now is the time to start thinking and planning for next year’s programme of activities and events that will help all Riverland growers and winemakers to farm smarter and not harder”.

Members of the Riverland Viticulture Technical Group (RVTG) are charged with the responsibility to work closely with Adrian to formulate programme for next year and to prepare the funding application in the coming few months. All growers and winemakers are urged to put forward their ideas for a program of field trials, workshops and activities that reflect their needs and priorities.

Adrian will be visiting the region between now and the end of the year to assist and guide the RVTG in this work. If you have any ideas or suggestions to help improve the way we grow grapes and make wine, please email Kate ( who will make sure your ideas get to Adrian and the RVTG for consideration.

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