Restaurant Australia

One of the core strategies emerging in the Riverland Wine Plan is “Grow the market”. The thinking behind this is fairly obvious: If more wine drinkers around the globe choose Australian wine, then by default, as the largest Australian producer of popular premium wines Riverland producers will be beneficiaries.


To achieve such growth it is important for us to work with partners who can add value to our efforts such as Destination Riverland (above). It’s also important for Riverlanders to trumpet our own success stories and the new Tourism Australia program, to be launched on May 7 invites us to do just that…tell the world our success stories. Tourism Australia has issued a rally cry for businesses to tell the world about their food, wine and beverage experiences as part of a campaign to put Australia at the top of the menu for international visitors. As part of this major promotional campaign, Tourism Australia is inviting all Australian business with a food or wine story, to share their stories at the campaign’s online hub.

Riverland Wine will continue to report progress with this campaign and work with Destination Riverland to ensure there is more than one Riverland wine and food story posted on the hub in due course. Read more at the Tourism Australia website.

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