Return to work Scheme

Deputy Premier and Minister for Industrial Relations, John Rau, has written to Riverland Wine to advise of a new Return to Work Scheme for South Australia.


After widespread consultation with employer groups and worker representatives the new scheme will balance the need for significant support and services to workers who have been injured with the need for the scheme to be affordable for employers.

Minister Rau said “The new scheme will deliver lower premiums, creating a more competitive environment for South Australian businesses. If delivered as envisaged, it will reduce the average premium for between 1.5 and two per cent of wages, much lower than the current 2.5 per cent.”

He also expects the new scheme to deliver at least $180M in savings for employers per year. WorkCoverSA will be replaced with a new corporation, ReturnToWorkSA. The new corporation will be expected and required to meet high quality service standards focused on early intervention.

We will expand on WorkCoverSA’s current early intervention program that will see mobile case managers providing a more personalised service to workers and employers.

This will include face-to-face contact with people who are away from work for more than two weeks to provide tailored services to achieve a sustainable return to work outcome. Workers who have been injured can receive up to two years of income support and up to three years of recovery and return to work services.

Workers assessed by an accredited medical practitioner to have a serious injury under the legislation (over 30 per cent whole person impairment) will receive income support to retirement age and lifetime care and support. More information on the Bill and the proposed scheme can be downloaded from 

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