Riverland gets some of the action

As part of the $50m Export and Regional Wine Package Riverland Wine has secured $250,000 for an innovative international wine tourism project – Riverland on the Verge.

On the back of a great wine grape vintage, a good year for stone fruit and with citrus and almonds firing, things are looking up in the Riverland. Property prices are on the increase, our regional economy is improving and it’s time to show what we have to offer to the world.

Together with our own contribution and funds from our project partners, PIRSA, the University of Adelaide and 57 Films, who recently produced the Chef Exchange series, we will have a total budget of $545,000 for the project, which hopes to further boost the local economy by up to $15M over three years.

Working closely with Destination Riverland and the SA Tourism Commission we will identify our best assets to entice overseas wine tourists to visit the region.

Riverland on the Verge will take a teaser to potential tourists through a virtual reality tour of the region. Targeting China and the US, the project will develop a virtual reality experience highlighting the connection between our wines and the Riverland as a ‘go to’ destination for overseas wine tourists. Focusing on the scenery and experiences that are unique to the region, it will enable the viewer to ‘virtually’ visit a range of locations that feature the natural landscape, the river itself, great places to stay and our clean, green, food and amazing wines. Once it’s developed, the virtual reality tour will then be used at international wine trade fairs, overseas tourist events and locations within Australia to introduce potential visitors to the Riverland and its connection to our wines.

The University of Adelaide, will conduct market research to identify what drives people from China and the US to buy our wine and travel to the Riverland. This research will be used to select the sites and scenes for the virtual reality experience, which will be filmed by 57 Films.

This is a fabulous opportunity to generate growth for our local wine tourism sector by taking what we have to offer to the world and enticing people to take some River Time.

We’ll keep you updated with the progress of the project and opportunities to be involved. So watch this space.

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