Riverland produces Top 50 Young Gun of Wine

Con-Greg Grigoriou, of the Delinquente Wine Co, is one of 19 young South Australian winemakers to be selected in the Top 50 Young Gun of Wine (YGOW) list for 2018.

At just 30, Con-Greg has been running his own winemaking business for the past five years.


Having realised that the wine he liked drinking wasn’t made from Riverland grapes he decided he wanted to make premium fresh wines like the ones you would find in restaurants in Melbourne or Sydney, from Riverland fruit.

Characterised by his distinctive labels, Con-Greg’s unique style captured the attention of the judges. “When I had the idea for my own label the whole point was to do stuff as differently as possible. I was 25 at the time had no desire to fit into a mould with the whole thing,” he said.

Rather than judging individual wines, the YGOW competition takes a broader focus to look at the winemaker overall – their style, region and varieties, their packaging and their underlying philosophy.

“What you end up with in the Top 50 is not just a snapshot of great products from all grape growing corners of Australia, and the gamut of varieties, but also the intersection of ideas, philosophies, and the individual trajectory of the winemakers involved,” said YGOW founder, Rory Kent.

After growing up in the Riverland and moving to Adelaide to complete his education, Con-Greg worked and studied in Europe and Asia where he found his direction.

“It was really about doing something I enjoyed and liked that I could put out into the world – making small batch alternative wine varieties from the largest grape growing region in the country”, Con said.

His winemaking style involves minimal intervention. He prefers natural wines with less additives that focus on acid, texture and varietal fruit character rather than being loaded up with tannin and oak. The aim is to make a fresh, ripe, juicy, easy drinking, style of wine – from Riverland grapes, of course.

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