Riverland on the Verge

Riverland on the Verge was a Riverland Wine (RW) initiative in late 2017.

Wine Australia had received $50M from the federal government to promote Wine Tourism in Australia. This gesture was in recognition of the benefit to federal coffers, following the reforms to the Wine Equalisation Rebate (WET) rebate. RW had been at the forefront of the campaign to reform WET. It made sense for the region to show its appreciation and work to grow tourism to Australia as part of the strategy to ‘grow the pie’ for the wine industry. More visitors to the region will increase awareness of the size of the region’s contribution to jobs, exports and the wide range of high-quality wines from the region. It would also provide a chance to show the world that the Riverland is one of Australia’s most ‘undiscovered’ tourist destinations.

The concept was simple: Produce a virtual reality tour of the region. Fly over the region and see its beauty and diversity. The Murray River, an Australian icon by any measure, runs through the heart of the region. It provides a home to many rare species of flora, fauna and classic creatures of our Australian wildlife. There are communities of people along the 330km of the Riverland riverbanks, working in harmony with the river to produce world class citrus, nuts, summer-fruits, avocados and wine. Indeed, the region produces Australia’s most popular wine by virtue of the fact there is more demand for Riverland wine than any other wine from Australia.

The outcome is a full-blown experience being installed at the National Wine Centre, to greet visitors from all corners of the globe and a similar experience being installed at the Pike River Wine Centre. A portable version has been developed to promote the region at trade shows around the world. There is even an on-line version that you may down a version to sample the VR via your smartphone.

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