Riverland Wine goes Social


It goes without saying that Australians have taken to social media as a means of staying in touch with business and friends.  With 15,000,000 on Facebook, 2,800,000 on Twitter and 3,400,000 Australians using LinkedIn, Riverland Wine have joined the ranks of many businesses using social media as an important element within their communications strategy.


The Riverland produces 25% of wine production in Australia, representing the largest growing region in Australia.  The Riverland is host to one of Australia’s most important agricultural assets, the Mighty Murray River and it goes without saying that the region is visually stunning. 

Riverland Wine is the face of the Riverland wine industry, being the first point of contact for all industry related enquiries and is the champion for the wine industry within the Riverland region. Riverland Wine is in a perfect position to be at the forefront of social media to help build the profile of the region and its members.

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People who have any content they would like Riverland Wine to post, can email it to Lynda Schenk, Purple Giraffe, info@purplegiraffe.com.au



Image Source: rawpixel / 123RF Stock Photo

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