Riverland wine stampeding the boundary 

Riverland wine industry producers and grape growers are set to benefit from a $63,000 project that aims to build the reputation of the Riverland as a producer of quality and exciting wine.

The project, which is supported by Riverland Wine, a South Australian Government grant through PIRSA, and a user-pays element, will develop capability within the Riverland Wine Region to increase demand for, and sales of Riverland branded wine and grapes from small and medium-sized producers.

Expressions of interest are now open to at least ten wineries and grape-growing businesses who are ambitious about growing their market outside of South Australia and, produce GI wines that identify as Riverland grown and produced.


Program participants will benefit from images that will be commissioned from an award-winning wine photographer, and it is envisaged that the photography element form the basis of an exhibition to further draw attention to the Riverland wine region. Established wine writers will work closely with participants in the program to help them clarify and document their brand story.  These brand stories will be published as commissioned articles. 

Program participants will be better equipped to sell their unique stories and will be able to use both images and published stories to continue their brand promotion.  Better equipped to break through the noise of a crowded marketplace the Riverland’s wine reputation will continue to gain traction.


To complement and build on these activities participants will be offered expert-led workshops working with industry bodies to participate in their marketing initiatives and export campaigns.  Participants will be provided with training to enhance their skills in planning, pricing their wines, sales and marketing.

Workshops include:

  • Stepping aside for the next generation
  • Global markets, supply and demand, trends including retail and on-trade awareness.
  • Marketing and selling skills to trade buyers
  • Wine pricing for profitability


An early highlight of the program is the awarding of two travelling scholarships for Riverland producers to visit Prowein Wine Fair in Dusseldorf Germany in May 2022.  Scholarship winners will visit this three day fair and develop their proposal for how the Riverland region can participate in this, or similar international trade fairs in the future. 

Their findings will be presented to the Riverland wine community in a workshop. In addition to looking at how Riverland producers can participate in international trade fairs the scholars will also gain a greater understanding of the global supply picture and where the Riverland region sits within this.  Prowein represents an unrivalled opportunity to see the world’s wine industry in one place and gain a level of understanding which will support the development of business strategies within the region. Applications for these scholarships will be open immediately.


The program will culminate in a wine showcase event for trade and media in Adelaide to bring the participating producers to the attention of buyers and media. This event will also serve as an opportunity for participants to activate the skills acquired in the program’s workshops.


  • Expressions of interest open now. Participation will be based on eligibility, a first in basis and the program will be finalised by Friday, April 8, 2022.
  • Investment is $900 per participant.
  • The program will run until June 30, 2022.  

For further details please contact: Lyndall Rowe. 0407 305 623; eo@riverlandwine.com.au

Expressions of interest and registrations close on Friday, April 8, 2022. Contact Lyndall Rowe by phone 0407 305 623 or email

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