Riverland Wine Supports Minister Whetstone

Riverland Wine has added its considerable weight as a representative industry body to the Fruit Fly Eradication Program. Executive Chair Chris Byrne has written to the Minister this week applauding the action to introduce zero tolerance at all roadblocks in the region and elsewhere across the State.

While winegrapes are not an natural host for the pest Riverland Wine is keenly aware of the need for all of community, not just horticulturalists to be aware of the need for obvious and rigorous management of all biosecurity challenges. Riverland Wine has been a long term member of the fruit fly committee and, late last year, willingly committed $20,000 of wine industry funds to support the engagement of Brett Kennedy as an additional resource to manage the fruit fly risk.

Riverland Wine has also shared the concerns of many in the community that despite the best efforts of staff at the roadblocks and increased signage the message is simply not getting through to many who live in the region and a likely majority of visitors entering the region. It is this lack of awareness that makes life difficult for those on the frontline. Many of these locals are subjected to a range of comments from travellers who express mild annoyance to being angry and abusive.

If you have a (sensible) suggestion as to how we can interest awareness and understanding please contact Riverland Wine.

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