Roadshow for WAP draft

Water Allocation Plans (WAP’s) are a dry topic! Most of the community roll their eyes, look the other way and hope someone else will give the plan the third degree, iron out the wrinkles and declare it’s good to go and everyone’s a winner! Unfortunately that’s not quite the way it goes or flows. It is difficult to find winners. Water is a diminishing resource in this part of the planet where populations are sneaking up, environments are demanding protection and food, wine, and fibre production are considered (by most) to be the essential elements of a good life! Following months of preparation with key stakeholder groups and the River Murray Advisory Committee, and following an internal departmental review the SAMDB NRM Board released the draft WAP for the River Murray Prescribed Watercourse for community consultation on November 25. The consultation period will extend until February 27, 2015. The Board is urging all stakeholders to familiarise themselves with the WAP and provide feedback in the form of written submissions. For those who are unaware the, River Murray Prescribed Watercourse is the River Murray from the Victorian border, encompassing Lakes Alexandrina and Albert, portions of Currency Creek and the Finniss, Angas and Bremer Rivers. If you are still awake and reading this you will likely agree, it’s a dry topic.

So, who’s going to read the WAP, do the analysis and write a submission to the Board? We’ll see. To make it easy, the Board is taking the WAP on a Roadshow. If you are keen to see it, be at the Berri Bowling Club on Riverview Drive on Tuesday December 9 at 12:30pm.

The Roadshow will kick off with a BBQ. Riverland Wine members are key stakeholders so make a date to be there. The presentation will be repeated on the following day at Murray Bridge and again at Goolwa on the Thursday, December 11.

For those who are keen, do some homework before the event. Drum up on the WAP and check the fact sheets.

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