Rolling Promotional Schedule

Riverland Wine has published the updated Rolling Promotional Schedule for 2017.

The Schedule details activities Riverland Wine producers have committed to be involved with over the coming 12 months ranging from regional wine, food and tourism events to the world’s largest wine fair, ProWein, in Düsseldorf next month.


All of these events will showcase the Riverland and its wines. In the past decade the region’s wine growers and winemakers have come to understand the challenges and opportunities of world wine markets. Innovation, perseverance and positive attitudes are reaping results across the region’s population of primary producers and value adding enterprises. The region is home to the largest winery in the southern hemisphere. Its vineyards are serviced by some of the world’s best irrigation technology and its wineries are among the most modern and efficient on the planet. The region is also very proud to promote its ‘gems’, represented by an increasing number of organic, biodynamic and alternative grapes and wines, many of which are specially selected for their unique attributes, flavours and characteristics and suitability to Riverland soils and climate.

This is the second Rolling Promotional Schedule published by Riverland Wine and the local members of the Marketing and PR group pay special tribute to Lynda Schenk, Andrew Cheesman and Phillip Reedman for their guidance in developing the program.  The Rolling Promotional Schedule is available on the Riverland Wine website.


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