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It’s dry but it’s imperative to read this:

Do you know your obligations when it comes to work health and safety on farm?  The grace period is over and now more than ever it is important to get farmers talking about what their obligations are and how to easily integrate safety into their day.

 The 2012-22 Workplace Health and Safety Harmonization Strategy singles out agriculture, along with road transport, as the two ‘focus’ industries. Compliance requirements are the same for all businesses, large or small, including family farms and the penalties have increased significantly. In plain terms this means we need to have an active safety management plan in place. One that is able to: 

  • Identify hazards and clearly describe how you will manage the hazards
  • Provide instructions to safely operate/use any tools, equipment, machines, structures that could be hazardous
  • Communicate hazards and safety plans to all workers
  • Make sure workers are familiar with your workplace policies
  • Make sure all workers, contractors and visitors are inducted
  • Keep training and health records
  • Keep maintenance records of machinery, plant and structures
  • Make sure workers know what to do, who to contact in an emergency

This doesn’t need to be an onerous task and you don’t need to hire a WHS consultant to produce one for you. Tools are available such as online templates and easy software like Safe Ag Systems.

Over the past few weeks Safe Ag Systems have been visiting regional areas to talk to local farmers about their approach to farm safety.

 “There is a lack of clear understanding of what the penalties are for non-compliance in addition to farmers being unaware of their own legal responsibilities. This places farmers more at risk now than ever, hence the reason why we’ve worked so hard to develop Safe Ag Systems™ – a farmer-friendly solution to all your farm safety needs.” – said Katy Landt, CEO of the Yorke Peninsula based company, Safe Ag Systems™.

The Safe Ag Systems team are holding workshops in the coming weeks and if you are keen to attend or hold a session in the Riverland, please contact us on (08) 8490 0939.

Check out the ‘free trial’ here 

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