Safety First – Compelling free demo

A fortnight ago the column flagged the opportunity to get stuck into ‘safety’ management obligations once and for all; to avoid crushing penalties for non compliance and even more importantly, avoid death and injury traps that lurk on every farm.

As advised Riverland Wine has arranged for Safe-Ag Systems to run a free workshop and demonstration of the system at Loxton Research Centre on Monday, June 26.  All members are welcome to come along, examine the system, see how easy it is to use and reflect on the growing risk of not taking safety seriously.  Using the system will not miraculously avoid every potential accident but it will reduce the risk by raising awareness levels and ensure compliance with the regulations, thereby avoiding the massive penalties that will apply. It’s all done on your phone or tablet in the work place as you go about your regular routines.

Numbers are limited, if you would like to attend please email Kate or phone 8584 5816.


Watch the video

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