Three farmers dead in two weeks!

Reports out of Victoria reveal that three farmers have died in tractor accidents in just two weeks.  One of these was harvesting grapes.

Riverland Wine has recently promoted Safe-Ag Systems and encouraged members to make enquiries, be aware of safety legislation and the obligations around farm safety that affect us all.  At the recent round of breakfast meetings it has been pleasing to note the great majority of members indicated reasonable confidence in coming to grips with keyboards, screens and robotics.  The good news is that Safe-Ag Systems, designed by farmers, for farmers, right here in SA have been developed as an App that travels with you in your mobile phone or tablet.


The even better news is that Riverland Wine has arranged for Safe-Ag Systems to run a free workshop and demonstration of the system at Loxton Research Centre on Monday, June 26.  All members are welcome to come along, examine the system, see how easy it is to use and reflect on the growing risk of not taking safety seriously.  Using the system may not miraculously avoid every potential accident but it will certainly help reduce the risk by raising awareness levels but also ensure compliance with the regulations, thereby avoiding the massive penalties that may apply.

Put the date in your diary now, June 26 and notify Kate (8584 5816) to book your place.  Make it a date to come along and meet Caroline Graham of Regional Skills Training and see how easy it can be to come to grips with the safety workload, how you can find peace of mind and get much more value from your mobile device.  Caroline says, ‘don’t have safety locked away in your office out of sight out of mind, put it in the palm of your hand ready when you need it.’

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