Safety Is the Pick of the Bunch

Protecting the health and safety of everyone at work is good business, and we’re sure you would agree that your workers are key business asset. To help duty holders within the fruit picking and harvest work sector with work health and safety and reduce the incidence and cost of work-related injuries, SafeWork SA has developed Seven Steps for Small Business. To support this resource, SafeWork SA has a dedicated team of work health and safety professionals who visit workplaces and provide advice to help everyone understand their work health and safety responsibilities. By working in partnership with business and industry sectors, we are helping to reduce workplace injuries.

SafeWork SA is now working with fruit picking and harvest work sector to develop an education and support program that addresses common issues in industry: safe use of bow ladders, managing risks of hazardous chemicals in the workplace, working in the heat and supervision of young workers.

SafeWork SA will be visiting fruit picking properties to provide information and help you implement the Seven Steps for Small Business.

For more information can visit SafeWork SA’s website or phone the Help Centre 1300 365 255.

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