Seen one of these?

Biosecurity is a hot topic but most people, growers and the wider community have the impression that someone else takes care of all that!

This region is phylloxera free and fruit-fly free. Geographically, it is situated in one of the most ideal locations for growing and processing horticultural crops. The incidence of pest and disease is naturally low because of the warm, dry climate. The region has a top reputation. It is up to everyone across our entire community to protect that reputation and in so doing, help our industries to outcompete the competition in domestic and international markets.

Complacency is always a risk. It’s tempting to take these benefits for granted. They don’t come naturally. High standards of biosecurity demand big budgets and loads of regulations. The grape and wine industry in South Australia has the advantage of legislation to aid in protecting grapes from the insidious phylloxera insect and other biosecurity challenges in vineyards and wineries. Vine Health Australia issues newsletters, information tips and alerts frequently and all too often they remain un-opened, not important, dull, dry, someone else’s problem!

The bug above has been causing lots of furrowed brows this year.
Read this and spare a thought for those scientists and others who are on the front line


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