Sensible Festive Celebrations

As we near another Christmas season it is pertinent to remember that although it is great to enjoy a social occasion while supporting our industry; it is important to do so with care. We often hear the salient advice about sensible drinking based on the number of “standard drinks”. It may come as a surprise that most common serving sized glasses of wine at 150 ml are 1.4 standard drinks, not one. A typical ‘stubby’ of full strength beer is approximately 1.4 standard drinks.

More information is available on the Motor Accident Commissions website.

Apart from the noble goal of keeping ourselves and those around us safe, the social responsibility aspect of the wine industry is often taken for granted. As a founding member of Drinkwise, the wine industry takes its social responsibility seriously. This can be seen in the marketing programs promoting moderate consumption of wine as a paring with food, and inclusion of pregnancy warnings and standard drinks guide on wine labels and casks.

Despite evidence showing improvement in responsible alcohol consumption in Australia (Read more…) many media reports tend to perpetuate the inaccurate yet populist urban myth that society is facing some sort of alcohol plague. We owe it to the sustainability of our industry to be aware of this; and to continue to advocate for evidence – based alcohol policy; rather than allowing policy-based evidence to be accepted. 

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