Shed Appeal

So far, we have one shed for the meetings in November. We still need a shed for Waikerie on November 14, Monash/Berri/Barmera on November 16 and Renmark on November 21.  Shed meetings will get under at 3:30pm on each of those dates.  Sherwood Estates have offered their shed for the Loxton session on November 22 (thanks Brett, Andrew and team).

If you have a shed available in Waikerie, Monash/Berri/Barmera or Renmark that could accommodate 30 to 40 members please call Kate on 8584 5816.  The usual arrangements will apply: members will bring a chair and Riverland Wine will do the rest.  Barbeques and refreshments will be supplied and don’t forget there will be a very special wine tasting session.

Demand indicators are still improving with Wine Australia reporting continued strong export growth.  That’s more good news for the Riverland, an export focussed region.  Combined with last week’s indicators it is likely that the region will increase farm gate income again this year as winegrowers and winemakers push value up.

Shed Meeting agendas will include a review of market indicators and other measures to illustrate how the Riverland winegrowers have come to grips with the decade-long structural adjustment challenges.  The scale of the wine industry in this region means that even a small improvement in value will have a very significant impact on the Riverland’s economy.  Jim Caddy will show the effect of an increase of just 10¢ per litre for every litre of wine exported.  With such strong demand such a modest increase should be achievable.

Put the dates for the Shed Meetings in your diary now: Waikerie November 14; Monash November 16; Renmark November 21; and Loxton November 22. More details of content will be published in the coming weeks.

The meetings will be advertised in the local newspapers.  Registrations will be essential.

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