Shed meetings and brown paper bags

It’s time to think about selling grapes, maybe making some wine and anticipating which way prices will move in 2018.  The focus is well and truly back in the vineyard.  Spray rigs are struggling to keep pace with lengthening shoots; keyboards are firing-up with details of spray programs (and even some EMS); market indicators are better than they’ve been since before the long dry and there’s talk of asset values heading in the right direction. It’s time for some regional meetings to discuss all the above and share thoughts and ideas about what to expect.

Last week we published a very encouraging message from one of your UK correspondents. If you missed that, don’t miss this report about the 36-year low harvest out of Europe.

This sort of market intelligence and more will be offered at the next round of member’s meetings to be rolled out across the region in the first half of November.  Feedback has led to a change of format from the familiar pub-breakfast back to shed meetings and BBQs. The meetings will kick off at 3:30pm and cover a range of topics with a guest speaker or two. As was the case prior to the 2017 vintage, members will be encouraged to reflect on what they were paid last year, ponder this year’s market indicators, the quality of their relationships with their customers, likely grape prices in 2018 and maybe explore the opportunities and risks of converting grapes to wine!

To add a bit of interest and fun, members will be invited to sample a selection of five wines dispensed from brown paper bags and then to use (carefully chosen) words to describe the wines, attribute scores to each and to estimate a bottle price for each. Responses will be compiled and published several weeks later when each of the wines will be identified, no names, no pack-drill. 

So, we need a shed from Waikerie, one from the mid-region around Barmera, Winkie, Monash, Glossop or Berri, a Renmark shed and a Loxton shed. 

If you have a shed that could be cleared out to make way for 30 or 40 members please call Kate 8584 5816.  Watch this column for more info about dates and sheds.


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