Shed Meetings Preview

There is still time to book to attend one of the five shed meetings, starting Monday, April 20.  
Included in the presentations will be marketing information that has been gained as part of a ‘proof of concept’ trial.  As has been demonstrated during the week, the fortunes of Riverland growers depend on the success of Riverland Wine.  Following the summit last year at the Chaffey Theatre, it was suggested that independent information that showed both growers and winemakers the supply and demand situation in wine markets from relevant sources around the world would help to show the current value of wine and the contributing fruit.  Having some idea about this value during the entire season will be very valuable for growers and winemakers alike.

The work is very much in trial stage, but there are some very impressive results from the huge amount of data collected.  This includes consumption data from around the world and production data over time that drills down to regional level in California and China.

It is also planned to give growers a preview of some spreadsheet tools to aid in planning and calculating costs of fungicide, herbicide and nutrition programs.  These spreadsheets are part of the work funded by AGWA as part of the regional program, and while they are in developmental stages it is hoped that they will form part of a larger grower ‘business toolkit’ that will combine these tools into one, and will be compatible with the ‘Know your Numbers’ tool that participating growers have been very positive about.

A barbecue will be held after the meeting with samples of Riverland wines and soft drinks.  Attendance is free for all members of Riverland Wine.

People wanting to attend should contact Kate, phone 8584 5816 or email asap.

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