Sheds wanted

In recent years most grower meetings have been organised as breakfast meetings in the hotels of the main towns. These have worked well, normally attracting 30 to 40 growers and a few wine makers at most meetings. In a bid to talk with even more members, the Viti Tech Group (RVTG) has proposed that the next round of meetings revert to the tried and true format of SHED meetings.

The RVTG is hopeful that this change of format will enable the Viti Tech group to incorporate parts of the regional extension program with industry information and, very importantly, some socialising.

The first round of meetings will be organised during the week beginning April 20, starting at Waikerie then Barmera, Berri, Renmark and Loxton on Friday 24th. This timeframe will coincide with the first six-monthly report back of progress against the Strategic Plan.

Meetings will begin at 3pm with an hour or two focus on the extension program of the Viti Tech Group, followed by a progress report against the Plan and then a BBQ and quite possibly some sampling of Riverland Wines (in moderation of course).

Over the coming weeks, SHEDS will be selected. Riverland Wine will provide the BBQ, food and refreshments. If your shed is suitable and if you are willing to host such an event, let us know; or maybe nominate a neighbour! Agendas and details will be circulated in coming weeks but mark the week of April 20 in your diary.

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