Spot the scene

A photographic smorgasbord of local scenes, vineyards and wineries is now available on the Riverland Wine website. Renowned Riverland photographer Italo Vardaro has captured the stages of grape growing and wine production, together with our breathtaking landscape, in a stunning series of photos taken across the four seasons. From the vastness of the vineyards and the scale of our wineries to the delicacy of the new bud on a vine and the precision of the winemaking process, the library presents our story with artistic empathy and flair.

Funded by a Wine Industry Market and Industry Development Program grant through the South Australian Wine Industry Association, our photo library is available to promote the local wine industry and the Riverland in our publications and yours.

We’ll also be making our photos available to the South Australian Tourism Commission to help them promote wine tourism in the Riverland. The more we promote ourselves, the more others will too.

If you would like to use any of the images, contact Kate at Riverland Wine by phone 8584 5816 or email.

This is a fabulous resource for the region so please take a look and use it. 



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