Spray day success

On Wednesday, October 9 and Thursday, October 10, Riverland Wine partnered with the Grape and Wine Research and Development Corporation (GWRDC) to host a series of Spray Application workshops. Fittingly named ‘Spray Application – Doing it Better’ the two Riverland workshops proved popular with over 120 people attending.

The workshops were delivered by Dr Andrew Landers, a spray specialist from Cornell University, USA. Dr Landers engaged the audience with useful information and entertaining anecdotes from his wealth of international experience. Focusing on best practice, the latest developments and improvements in spray application, Dr Landers explained how to get better coverage and save on chemical costs. Participants were able to discuss regional spray application issues and new regulations. Despite the windy weather, Dr Landers also provided a practical demonstration of spray application assessment, improved penetration and deposition.

Spray application has a major impact on the business of growing wine grapes. Doing it better means more effective use of product, an improved bottom line and better environmental practices. One wine grape grower said “our levies go towards this research, so it’s good to see practical results that really benefit growers”‘. He went on to say “I’m really glad I come along. I learnt a lot, had a good chat to other growers and enjoyed a great lunch. Well worth my time”.

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