Spray drift? Call PIRSA

Over the past week Riverland Wine has taken calls from several growers who have observed young vines showing signs of damage that may have been caused by spraydrift.  This has been a problem from time to time over recent years.  Experience has taught us that the best approach is to make careful notes about dates, times, recent climatic events that may have elevated the risk and then call David Stephenson, 0401 126 159, at Biosecurity SA and discuss the matter with him.  David heads up the chemical incursions unit and has vast experience in this field.  If necessary he will arrange for one of his team to visit the site as a priority and investigate. 


Experience has also taught us that it’s best to be open about this and to talk about it in community.  Most farmers and vine growers will share the concerns and work together to implement best practice and avoid future incursions.

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