Now is the time to…

The spraying season is not far away and your vineyard sprayer is perhaps the most important piece of equipment on your property. With pruning well and truly underway, attention progresses to the next job on the list and a wet day might be a good opportunity to back your vineyard sprayers into the workshop and give them a thorough inspection so they are ready to go come spring.
Where applicable, check:

  • all hoses, water and hydraulic, for any rubs or splits;
  • nozzles and nozzle manifolds;
  • gearbox oil, lubricate PTO shafts and universal joints;
  • hydraulic motors for oil leaks around seals; and
  • air ducts for splits where air can escape and reduce the amount directed to the canopy.

If you have a two or three row sprayer check:

  • Outriggers for loose bolts and structural integrity;
  • All mounts and bolts are tight and in good order.

Wheel bearings and axles shouldn’t be forgotten either.

Depending on how many hours your sprayer has completed you may want to take your pump into the dealer and have it overhauled to make sure it is running as efficiently as it was when it was new.
Doing this now will give you time to order any parts, if you need to, and peace of mind that you will be ready when the spraying season starts.

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