State Council to Visit

The State Council (WGCSA) resolved at the July meeting to conduct a roadshow program during September and October. The Riverland will be one of four regions the Council representatives will visit.

Topics to be covered will include fair trade, supply and demand and industrial relations. Members will also receive an update on the project to examine options for rationalising the number of spray diaries. As many would know, those growers who supply more than one winery are most often required to complete multiple spray diaries. PIRSA is sponsoring the roadshow.
Council will provide an update on consultations regarding the WGCSA’s suggestions for amending the Wine Grapes Industry Act. Submissions have been requested from all regions. The Riverland Winegrape Growers Association has taken advice and has indicated to the Council that this region’s growers do not support the proposed amendments to the Act.

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