Strategic Plan released

The first strategic plan, prepared by Riverland growers and winemakers together was released at the Annual General Meeting on Monday, October 20.

The plan outlines the organisation’s Mission; why we exist: to provide leadership, resources and the coordination necessary to drive a profitable, dynamic and sustainable Riverland wine industry for the benefit of its members and the community. The organisation’s vision statement identifies what we are striving to become: the region that responds to market demand and can adapt quickly and competitively to the changing preferences of global wine consumers. The five core themes of the plan are:


  • Leadership and Engagement
  • Research, Development and Extension
  • Competitiveness
  • Market Growth
  • Profitability

Riverland Wine Chair Brian Walsh remarked that “although there may be a collective sigh of relief that the plan is finally done the real work still lies ahead of us all”.

RWGA Chair Sheridan Alm thanked all who have contributed to the plan saying, “It is the result of input provided through grower breakfast meetings, phone calls, emails and consultations with the broader community over a two year period”.

Copies of the document will be mailed to all members before the plan is released more widely on the Riverland Wine website next week. Further copies will be sent to other industry organisations and key politicians in coming weeks to ensure that Riverland Wine is making its mark where it counts.


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