Study Finds Wine Businesses Proactive about Climate Change

Australian wine businesses are being proactive about climate change and are implementing technology and processes that can help them adapt to the potential effects on their industry, according to research from Curtin University. There were 532 wine businesses surveyed during the study.

The survey asked about their knowledge and actions towards climate change and the possible impacts it could have on business.

Curtin Graduate School of Business senior research fellow Dr Jeremey Galbreath said the results showed that businesses across Australia were exchanging information with each other such as technology and industry knowledge about climate change. The survey looked at three major wine clusters: Western Australia, South Australia and Victoria.

During the survey, wine businesses were presented with a set of both mitigative and adaptive actions, and reported their stage of activity.”More than half of respondents stated they had implemented or were in the process of implementing measures to minimise the use of agrichemicals, which mitigates climate change by reducing greenhouse gas emissions,” Dr Galbreath said. “Overall, the top mitigative action across all clusters is a reduction in the use of agrichemicals, while the top adaptive action is water-saving techniques in the vineyard.” Dr Galbreath said although climate change remains a contested issue, the results of this study are encouraging and optimistic.

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