Successful festival

The first event of the Riverland Wine and Food Festival was a brilliant, movie Red Obsession – a thought provoking documentary about red wine screened at the Chaffey Theatre on Thursday evening. Patrons were invited to taste sample fabulous wines proudly promoted by Basshams Winery, Salena Estate and Growers Gate. Supper was provided by the Chaffey Theatre. Red wines showed included medal winning varieties such as Shiraz, Lagrein, and Montepulciano. These wines truly illustrate the quality and variety of wines produced in the Riverland – we have a lot to be proud of. Riverland Wine commends the Chaffey for bringing Red Obsession to the region, and sharing the evening with our passionate Riverland wine producers.

The Riverland Alternate Wine Group (RAWG) was very busy last Friday hosting both Attack of the Clones and the Riverlution Black Tie Dinner. The day kicked off with Attack of the Clones, with over 50 people attending the seminar. Attack of the Clones was an opportunity to evaluate clones suited to our environment and growing conditions. Chris Bennett, co-ordinator of the RVTG Grassroots Programme commended RAWG chair Ashley Ratcliff and his committee for an impressive event. “The tasting highlighted the differences of the clones, and the high standard of local wines produced,” he said. More than 2,440 wines were poured on the day.
The RAWG also hosted the third Riverlution Dinner on the banks of the Murray River at Berri. Brian Walsh, Riverland Wine chair, was MC for the event. Mr Walsh spoke of the strength and long term vision for our wine growing region, and commended those producing wonderful alternate variety wines as well as the great majority of producers whose focus is on the mainstream varieties Chardonnay, Shiraz, Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot. Mr Frater, deputy CEO of PIRSA also addressed guests, confirming PIRSA’s commitment to the region. A stunning river setting, a full moon, delightful food and an impressive range of quality wines was a perfect way to showcase the Riverland at its best. The evening once again validated the Riverland’s capacity to deliver an exceptional food and wine experience.
The 2013 Riverland Wine and Food Festival commenced with well organised stallholders, contractors and volunteer workers ready to go. Over 1,950 people attended the event, all determined to enjoy the day. The festival atmosphere was enchanting, with stunning weather, great bands and of course wine and food of the Riverland. The security team commended the crowd, who were overall very well behaved. We would like to thank event organisers, sponsors, stallholders, volunteers and contractors who partnered in making this year’s festival truly special. The Riverland Wine and Food communities can be justly proud of this year’s festival.

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