Suicide Prevention

Most of us have been touched by suicide, if not inside our own family perhaps a friend or someone from our workplace. Statistics show that more than 8 people die each day in Australia as a result of suicide and the majority of these are men.

Those who have been afflicted will bear the grief and scars for many years. The Office of the Chief Psychiatrist at SA Health has worked with communities across the State, including the Riverland, to develop a Suicide Prevention Plan. Many across our Riverland community have volunteered much of their time to this cause over recent years. Everyone is now invited to comment on the draft prevention plan.

The more people who participate in this consultation the more evidence will be gathered to ensure all points of view and ideas are captured. It is important that you encourage other community members, minority groups, people with a lived experience, health and service professionals, business and community leaders participate in this consultation.

It will take just a few minutes to provide some feedback.    A copy of the draft is available online at the Your Say website.

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