Supporting a sustainable industry

In the Riverland, Australia’s largest area of winegrape growing production, there are only 34 certified members of the Australian wine industry’s sustainability program – Sustainable Winegrowing Australia (SWA).


SWA is the Australian wine industry’s sustainability program that was set up to support growers and winemakers in demonstrating and improving the sustainability of their businesses.

The program covers the fundamental components of sustainability (environmental, social and economic) and can be applied to both the vineyard and winery. It provides benchmarking tools and resources to enable planning, evaluation, control and communication.

SWA is a voluntary program designed with flexibility to suit the changing goals and needs of all Australian grape and wine producers. It provides information for wine industry research, development and extension activities and can be used by members for benchmarking.

Certified members of SWA will soon benefit from the availability of a new logo and participation in marketing activities supported by Wine Australia. Other reasons members choose to be certified include:

  • Independent verification of their practices gives certified members greater confidence that they’re doing the right thing
  • A stronger ability to communicate their credentials with customers and consumers
  • Being leaders in their region.

One of the main reasons why joining SWA should be considered is that in Australia, as around the world, retailers, restaurants and consumers are looking to buy or offer wines that meet modern sustainability standards. Australian wine producers are renowned for their high standards across the three pillars of sustainability: environmental, community and economic. SWA provides a platform for members to demonstrate, substantiate and communicate their commitment to sustainability and continuous improvement.

More information about how to start the certification process is available on the SWA website (

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