Sustainability… a quiet reminder

Listen-up banks

Listen-up big companies that rely on the undercarriage… (even more than you rely on shareholders!)

It’s impossible to estimate what the near and future costs will be and it would be foolish to put values or percentages on Friday evening’s event. At this early stage it’s obvious that the impact will ripple right through to the markets… and quickly.


We do know however, that SUSTAINABILITY is everyone’s duty. Everyone means all the above; the primary producers, the politicians and the community.

But it also includes those who derive profit from the region for distribution elsewhere. Mother nature’s lessen is not just for the locals ‘who choose to live here and who choose to be primary producers. Everyone who in any way relies on this region’s production output must put shoulders to the wheel and share the burden.

It was encouraging, heartening to see the political leaders from all sides here on the weekend.

It’s reasonable to anticipate that the ‘captains of industry’, the corporate leadership will visit and share some of their time and thoughts as well. Everyone must make adjustments to acknowledge the Friday night message.

Now is not the time to lecture primary producers about the need to maintain share values. Shareholders are just one part of the chain. If the economy is to recover, the producer families must recover first. Everyone has a part to play.

If it’s all left to those who just happened to be in the path of the storm it’s not sustainable.

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