The connection between grapes and wine


In recent years growers and winemakers have been learning more about what it means for each other to be sustainable. Slowly but surely the reality of global markets is being better understood. It’s clear; the only way to grow our share of world wine supplies is by working together; sharing and appreciating the imperative to achieve a fair and reasonable gross margin at every link in the chain from the farm-gate and the consumer. The hurdles and hubris of competition and success have interfered and derailed some of our best but evidence is mounting of a return to where we were 20 years ago when pride in a particular brand was shared between growers and producers. But it’s different now.

We are growing and producing Australian Wine for consumers in almost every part of the planet. That is very much the case for Riverland producers, some of whom export as much as 95% of what they crush! The pride now emerging is pride in being Australian winegrowers and producers. Bulk wine has often been disparaged but not anymore. Much of the country’s best wine is traded as ‘bulk’ and much of it comes from the inland. And guess what, the inland regions are in the best possible position to increase the value and volume of clean, premium export wine and improving gross margins at the same time!

The ‘Gross Margin’ factor is becoming more familiar to the ongoers, as we refer to them; those committed for the long-haul.  Wine Australia is doing its bit to educate those who want to be best of class. The refurbishment of what was known as the ‘Deloitte Tool’ has been completed and well worth playing around with… and it’s easy to use. Log on to the Wine Australia website  and have a go and then have another look at the ready reckoner in the ‘Resources’ section of the Riverland Wine website.

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